Courses related to irrigation

The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) and Central Water Commission (CWC) proudly present the first joint online International Certificate Course on Micro Irrigation Systems in collaboration with the National Water Academy, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., and Netafim Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd.

Global water scarcity and increased demand for food are two main drivers for the urgent efforts to improve food productivity in agriculture, the sector that consumes 70-80% of annual freshwater availability. Micro-irrigation Systems (MIS) are fundamentally designed and operated to economize water application in crop fields.  As MIS is an evolving technology, the existing curricula on these systems are still not adequately covered in regular academic programs.  Also, the professionals who are already working in the areas of agricultural water management (AWM),  and water resources management (WRM) have had limited exposure to MIS concepts and practices thus far. The proposed short duration certification course offers to fill such existing knowledge and skills gaps.

Course Structure: The course, based on a points-system, has an inherent flexibility to suit the learning needs of prospective trainee through 3 main modules on MIS, namely:

(1) Agronomic Aspects: Basic science of soil-water-crop interactions in various agro-climatic regimes; crop-specific cultural requirements; water and nutrient movements in micro-irrigation environment; irrigation scheduling and fertigation cycles; cropping patterns; and so on.

(2) Engineering Aspects:  MIS principles and practices; types of MIS currently used and their suitability in various scenarios; drip/sprinkler design and related processes; power and energy options for different water sources; and commercially available products and services for MIS in various parts of the world; and so on.

(3) Management Aspects: Field implementation challenges and solutions; potential financial support schemes in various countries; operational and maintenance requirements; capacities needed in the communities using MIS; and so on.

Course Requirements:  Prospective trainees will undergo an intensive learning exercise through 35 online sessions comprising audio-video lectures, webinars, assignments, quizzes, hands-on activities, and face-to-face online interactions with the course faculty to earn an international certificate that will add value to their professional credentials.

Prospective Beneficiaries:  The course is intended for those professionals who are working in the areas of AWM/ WRM and the current students in the academic programs oriented towards broader aspects of AWM/ WRM.